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Author Topic: SKYFALL Production Roadblock  (Read 6207 times)
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« on: November 19, 2011; 04:32:34 »

  I just thought I'd write a post explaining the long periods of inactivity a bit...

    It's no news that SKYFALL hasn't made much progress on projects lately, due to things like real paying jobs that take up too much of our lives, but yet another roadblock has been dropped on us. Nearly 10 years ago when SKYFALL came into existance, computers normally had CRT monitors. CRT monitors did benefit greatly from SKYFALL's use of resolution changes. They made SKYFALL games look crisp, displaying them in the resolution and aspect ratio they were intended to be. LCD flat panel monitors do not have this feature, as their pixels are part of a static grid instead of particles emitted from a ray gun (As 1950's Sci-Fi as that sounds, that's what a CRT monitor does). LCD monitors also have many different aspect ratios, instead of the old standard of 4:3, like all current SKYFALL games are intended for. My own monitor is 16:9 ratio, for example.
    This means when a SKYFALL game changes the resolution, it is no longer crisp, and it is no longer in the proper aspect ratio. We've relied on the resolution changes and CRT monitors in the past, but now that CRTs are obsolete and 90% of people have LCD monitors, a different system is necessary. Screen resolution changes not only make the games ugly now, but also needlessly resize desktop windows, move icons, et cetera. The roadblock that has been holding projects like CFM2 back is not only figuring out a system that will work properly, but also can be dropped into place in a finished or already-started project. CFM2, for example, is not close to being finished, but is nonetheless a huge project. It was originally written with resolution changes in mind, and relies on that completely. Rewriting from scratch would be a nightmare, so until a drop-in fix is found/discovered/written whatever, production isn't going very far.


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